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Gold Vayapar
S1 – GVSystem
Inactive ID
Current Package

22000 (3 Upgrades Possible) 40%

Direct Joinings

1 (2 Required, 5 Suggested)

Filled Levels

20 (out of 41 available)


Dear User,

    Withdrawals are getting started again from 21st June 2017. You can withdraw 10% of your single day mining bonus.

We request all our Kashh Coin Users to withdraw their coins on Yobit Exchange as they have better liquidity than Nova Exchange.

Team Kashh Coin requests all their Respected & Esteemed Investors, Promoters, Team Leaders, Networkers to educate all Kashh Coin holders to sell their Kashh Coin at Good Prices, If you are not getting good prices on exchange, then wait for it. If the prices are down for any reason, don’t get panicked. Requesting all users not to sell below 0.00000200

Topup Request: From 21st June 2017 topup request will be based on Exchange Rates.

Approve Package: From 21st June 2017 you can approve new user id if you have balance in both (Mining & Kashh) wallets.
(System will take 1% to max 50% from Kashh Wallet and Rest from Mining Wallet. If you have low balance in your Mining Wallet you can add fund from Exchange.)

Best Regards,

Team Kashh Coin.

KASHH Volume
Left: ‘, Left_Binary_Points_After_Last_Payout, ‘ / ‘, Past_Left_BV ,’
Right: ‘, Right_Binary_Points_After_Last_Payout, ‘ / ‘, Past_Right_BV ,’
Remuneration Points
Left: ‘, NewRewardBalanceLeft, ‘ / ‘, Ro_BalanceLeft ,’
Right: ‘, NewRewardBalanceRight, ‘ / ‘, Ro_BalanceRight ,’
Team Count
Left: ‘,llc,’ / ‘, llc_all,’
Right: ‘,rlc,’ / ‘, rlc_all,’

Current Package

‘, t.Description,'(‘, (3-complementory) ,’ Upgrades Possible)

‘, 100*(3-complementory) ,’%
Generation Bonus

‘,recognition,’ of 10 Levels qualified

Upcoming Remuneration

$’,if(Ro_BalanceLeft 77%

Caping Level

$’,if(complementory=0,0,if(complementory=1,100,if(complementory=2,500,5000))),’ / Daily

Bilateral Qualification

‘,ro_rank * 100,’%

Remunerations Earned

‘,rewcnt,’ out of 12

Generation Bonus IDs

‘,genbonids,’ out of 12


Net Mining Bonus
‘, recombon ,’

Net Recommendation Earnings

Net Bilateral Earnings
‘, genbon,’

Net Generation Bonus Earnings
Net Credits
‘,netcrdt,’ KASHH
Net Debits
‘, netdbt,’ KASHH
Current Balance
‘,netcrdt-netdbt,’ KASHH

My Team

Direct: 10 Total Team: 45 Paid: 30
Levels: 20